FIVIS is a highly customizable data visualization and processing platform. The platform consists of a backend running on a server in a cloud (the top part of the figure) and a frontend running in a client’s web browser (the bottom part of the figure). The backend is responsible for managing the data and provides an API for the frontend as well as interface for tasks (plugins) which execute (primarily analytics) jobs over the data. The data server receives master data from various sources (e.g., sensors) and stores them in a relational database. The data are then indexed by an ElasticSearch engine to enable fast searches and on-the-fly aggregations required by the front end. The frontend is primarily responsible for providing a view of the data through customized dashboards. Users can access the visualizations either directly, via the integrated web portal, or through a 3rd-party user interface, which embeds the visualizations from FIVIS exported as an HTML iframe.

FIVIS has been developed with the FitOptiVis project.

Distributed under the MIT Licence