Book chapter

The Autonomic Cloud
P. Mayer, J. Velasco, A. Klarl, R. Hennicker, M. Puviani, F. Tiezzi, R. Pugliese, J. Keznikl, T. Bureš
Software Engineering for Collective Autonomic Systems: The ASCENS Approach

The cloud case study within ASCENS explores the vision of an autonomic cloud, which is a cloud providing a platform-as-a-service computing infrastructure which, contrary to the usual practice, does not consist of a well-maintained set of reliable high-performance computers, but instead is formed by a loose collection of voluntarily provided heterogeneous nodes which are connected in a peer-to-peer manner. Such an infrastructure must deal with network resilience, data redundancy, and failover mechanisms for executing applications. As such, the autonomic cloud thus requires a certain degree of self-awareness, monitoring, and self-adaptation to reach its goals, which has been achieved with the integration of ASCENS methods and techniques.

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